The Companies and Industries of Seattle Washington

The emerald city, Seattle, radiates in its numerous contributions to evolution of technology along its apparent promising future in the digital world. Businesses ranging from premier, well-established ones which gracefully matured through time to those tossed by, and dependent to, the contemporary market waves all paved the way for Seattle to remain on top of the country’s renowned economic hubs.

Seattle, dubbed as the top smartest city and twelfth largest metropolitan economy in America, houses three among the Fortune 500 companies of 2008. One of them is the world-celebrated coffee chain, Starbucks, of which success is greatly attributed to Seattle citizens’ dedication to work. Pegging away at new brilliant creations, they needed something that keeps them awake day and night.

But apparently, the city is never predictable. Successes leap from lumber to miner gears and transportation to software programs. Although there are large-scale, well-established businesses in Seattle, majority of the industries now are caught in the bust and boom cycle. The trend was present among its earliest industries, initiated by the lumber industry which is also the first one in the city, and adapted by the succeeding miner gear manufacturing and shipbuilding. But the package delivery business American Messenger Company, known today as UPS, remained intact overcoming a number of economic depression eras.

The Second World War left painful marks but Boeing is one of its wonderful mementos. The first class maker of commercial airplanes is originally manufacturing war aircrafts. It was a blossoming business especially in the outset of war. Boeing’s success lasted though for a short period and was regained a couple of times. Despite the inconsistency, it remained as the world’s leading producer of finest airplanes. Likewise, it was regarded as the city’s best employer until Chicago was chosen to be the new Boeing headquarters.

During the mid 20th century when the emerald city suddenly lost its luster, the move of Microsoft into Seattle’s suburbs perked up the entire community once again. The emergence of the infamous software and hardware provider not only opened more job opportunities to Seattle citizens, but gave way to the growth of technology businesses complementing the products and services of Microsoft. In like manner, the upsurge in number of technologically-inclined citizens boosted Seattle community’s proficiency in handling and innovating technology, which also invited large numbers of settlers in the city.

Some more names propping up Seattle’s thriving technology industry are T-Mobile, RealNetworks, HeartStream, HeartTechnologies, ZymoGenetics, and the top 100th of the 2008 Fortune 500, the Nordstrom, also enlisted in the Fortune 500 and based at Downtown Seattle, is one premier department store serving the upmarket all over the country. More coffee shops sprouted like Seattle’s Best and Tully’s, and now have branches beyond the borders of United States.

Albeit the certainty that information and communication technology is here to stay, as the industry movers keep discovering new paths, still Seattle remain thrillingly unpredictable. The next realm the city’s yet to enter will definitely stun us once again. But as of now, Seattle is keeping everybody on the edge of the seats.

A Good Way to Start Life: Seattle

The beautiful strip of land between a salt water and a fresh water body, enthralls its inhabitants and visitors for its beautiful landscape, friendly Seattle Neighborhoods positive employment percentage and even the constant rain.  If you have any plans of relocating your family into a nice, quiet and technology advanced town,  then Seattle is the best place for you.  Of course, you do need to brace yourself for that constant trickle or rain pour that seems to never end.

If you need to know or if you need convincing about moving to Seattle then this article might help you in that area.  The following are some of the compiled reasons why people relocate to Seattle.

i.  Weather – although rain is constant in this city, the temperatures do not reach the extremes.  Settlers would usually take a bright sunny day as a gift which residents of coastal lands can not appreciate as much as those who reside in Seattle.  The rain normally comprises of showers and down pours for a couple of minutes before turning into drizzles.  Umbrella, boots and rain jackets are the most essential items that you should bring once you are in Seattle.

ii. Education – Seattle has been named as the smartest city in all of America for bagging most of the tops schools in the nation.

iii.  Employment rates – this is by far the most important reason why people relocate to Seattle.  It is a fact that this little city’s employment rates are booming.  The reason behind that is the blossoming jobs all over the city.  There are quite a few number of full-time and part-time jobs available for everyone who are looking for a job.  It isn’t hard to get one as long as you are good enough for the position.

iv.  Activities – even if Seattle is a fairly small city, it contains theaters, malls, clubs and other activities that will surely brighten up your maybe, gloomy day.  Clubs and pubs are also widely distributed around the city and you may enjoy a drink or two with your new found Seattle Neighborhoods friends.  Shopping malls are abundant in this city with updated fashion styles at low prices.  If you are the outback type of person and you want to take your son fishing and hiking, you may be surprise to find a city with great outdoor adventures.

Before you finalize your plans of moving to Seattle, make sure you have packed up yourself with enough research about the city.  It would also be wise to find jobs before hand so you will get to start a new life in a relatively good start.  Finding houses might be a bit of a problem since real estates are a bit expensive in Seattle.  However, you are assured that wherever you may decide to reside in Seattle, you will always find unique and interesting Seattle Neighborhoods and of course, find time to get to know them as well.

Seattle is indeed a beautiful place to relocate to and if you want to start life fresh, this is the perfect place for you.  Wonderful place, beautiful land, amazing Seattle Neighborhoods and so much more.  Seattle is indeed a terrific and promising place to settle in.

Living The Dream Life: Moving to Seattle Tips

relocate homeIf you are worried that you wouldn’t find good Seattle Family Neighborhoods when you relocate to Seattle then you are actually worrying for nothing.  Even if Seattle is a quiet city, it never ceases to impress its settlers on how good the quality of life can be in a such a relatively small city.  Aside from your neighbors, there are so many great sights and sounds that will continue to astound and entertain you once find your place in Seattle.

Transferring to a different city is indeed stressful and disconcerting to some.  So here are some tips to lessen your burden in packing things before the big move:

i. Organize your items and see what needs to be left behind.  This should be done months before the move so that you can organize a yard sale for items that can still generate money.  Whatever money you get from the yard sale may be used for expenses upon settling in a new city.  Put important documents in a box where you can easily hand carry them because you might want to keep these documents with you, rather than with the movers.
ii.  Hire moving services ahead of time.  Usually the cost of such services are consistent but more often than not, some companies charge premium when you schedule moving services in a rush.  At this point, you also need to decide what items should stay with you and what boxes should go with the moving van.

ii.  If getting into Seattle via land or in a car is feasible, then probably you might want to make a schedule of every stop and how long each stop should take.  This will allow you to get to the city in time, before traffic gets too heavy on rush hours.
ï Find a real estate agent who will assist you in finding a good place for you and your family to stay.  Don’t forget to mention that you want to settle in an area where there are good Seattle Family Neighborhoods.

iii. Check the map and street names of Seattle before the intended date of move especially if you are going to be driving your car.  Unlike all other cities, Seattle does not have a proper name for their streets.  They are named by numbers and whether it is north, south, east, west, north west, south east and so on.  The streets are the most trickiest and hardest element to get used to in Seattle.  Therefore until the government finds a way around it, you have to try and get used to it.  When you do get to Seattle, you might ask someone that you know who lives there or a new found friend in Seattle Family Neighborhoods to teach you the way.

Those are just some of the tips to assist you when relocating to Seattle.  This is a big move for you and your family, so it is best to prepare for it.  The city is not as perfect as what advertisements would  want you to believe because in all honesty, there is not a perfect city.  However, there are so many wonderful activities that you can enjoy, unlimited opportunities for professional growth and beautiful Seattle Family Neighborhoods that will help you feel at home.

Family Fun Activities in Seattle Washington

Downtown Seattle from Capital HillSeattle is one popular city that has been immortalized in so many ways. With its unique landmarks, wet weather and distinct culture, many movies, songs and books have been written about it.  It can be said, though, that mentions of the Seattle area are mostly catered toward the adult crowd who appreciate the romance of rain or the architectural form of the Space Needle.  For families who are not familiar with the city and would like to spend some time to unwind and bond, like a vacation or a fun trip, what can they do in Seattle?  The answer is lots of things.  The thing about Seattle is, there are quite a number of attractions that can be enjoyed without even costing a lot.  From parks to museums to food, there is something for everyone in Seattle without emptying the wallet.

For those who love art and would like even the little ones to start art appreciation early, they can get in the Seattle Art Museum for free every first Thursday of the month.  Teens with ID can get in from 5 in the afternoon to 9 in the evening for free every second Friday of the month.  For families who want to let the little ones run around in an area with amazing art, the Olympic Sculpture Park outside the museum is free the whole year round.  For parents who want to spark their kid’s interest in aviation, the first Thursday evening of every month is free in the city’s Museum of Flight, from 5 to 9.

Seattle neighborhoods have at least one park open to the public, so families with very active kids can certainly enjoy a carefree day with a picnic while the kids play in the grass.  The Ballard Locks has a spectacular view of yachts and boats passing by and a sprawling park where families can stroll and have fun.  For those who love the beach, the perfect place is Carkeek Park that offers spectacular views of the sunset.

For families who have the passion for things to eat, the city also offers not just a lot of fine restaurants, but also food tours that will surely satisfy anyone’s gastronomic tastes.  From July to September, chocolate makers Boehm’s Chocolates offer free tours of its candy and chocolate factory.  Families can also be amazed at the pounds of cheese made from the Dairygold Dairy Fair in the adjoining town of Sunnyside.   For healthy fruit samples, Liberty Orchards, located a minute from Highway 2, has free tours and fruit picking activities.

With so many fun activities families can do in Seattle for practically free, it’s no wonder why some people even consider a Seattle relocation!

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